Executive Programme

As a successful executive, you manage strategic priorities, develop and lead effective teams and establish sustained competitive advantage in your organisation.

In the face of increasing uncertainty, the half-life of a successful strategy is declining. The Executive Programme (EP) equips you with the tools to drive change and create the future for yourself and your organisation - today.

You explore 4 management themes in depth:

  • Leading the organisation – discover your unique leadership style, reflect on your executive responsibilities and build your leadership legacy.
  • Managing complex stakeholder relationships – build trust and manage the Board’s expectations with that of key stakeholders.
  • Developing and implementing strategy – keep in tune with evolving markets, global forces and future scenarios to build resilience and sustained success.
  • Improving operational and strategic agility – embrace innovation and engage your stakeholders with a holistic approach that examines your organisation’s market and strategy execution capabilities.

Why choose this Executive programme?

  • Learn from our acclaimed faculty who share their thought leadership, industry experience, and global perspective on key issues leaving you with invaluable knowledge and powerful insights.
  • Join an elite and diverse group of executives and industry experts in a dynamic business forum, where dialogue and debate challenge, stimulate and inspire you.
  • Build an invaluable network of fellow leaders to 14,000 in the Executive Education network.
  • Take advantage of global business and cultural opportunities to learn from innovative companies, access notable practitioners and cultural landmarks in the city.